Wednesday 2 February 2011

Burda March preview

After three years of regular reading, I realize Burda WOF/Style Mag dances to a very fixed schedule. March gives you the wedding feature, because you get married every single June, right? Perhaps more useful is their preview of summer resort looks which, given our rainy mountain summers (now, now is when we have the blinding sun!) are not high on my list, but if you're in Florida, Texas, California, Australia, this is for you.
Burda is betting on the continuing appeal of the maxi dress in 2011. From this distance, it looks like she's having a good time or auditioning for Carmen, but the details of the dress/overlay, bodice details are left to our imagination. Tambourine optional. Does anyone wear chiffon maxi dresses when not on holiday? 

Burda is also imagining us in tie-dye, which I thought was sooo over, but apparently not at Burda Resorts:

I'm going to assume that wedding-wise most of you aren't the bride this year, and might prefer this pistachio dress, which won't look good on anyone with an ounce of pudge, but the ruching is a nice touch for Skinny Minnies. Baby optional. Man accessory with removable bowtie, first come first serve. There are two more nice dresses and although I suspect the white version is supposed to be a bridal dress, I could see it in black. The rose -coloured one has a nice Audrey Hepburn line. 
One worry. Does it look to you like Burda Bride is having second thoughts? Did Vogue Man show up uninvited to remind her of the summer of 2008? 


  1. I am intrigued by the rose colored dress......but once again I am beginning to wonder if I should let my subscription lapse...........

  2. Someone posted this link in PR, from a Russian site:

    I believe the printed sheer Maxi dress is the same pattern as the white boho dress *crossing fingers*

    And Burda definitely has a calendar: January is Skiing Lodge month + Carnaval, March is weddings, April is dresses for the guests at the wedding, July and Aug are too hot to sew, August is the Fall/Winter, November is the Holidays dress, December is coccooning/pyjamas. Or something like that, LOL!

  3. Oui, merci, Lakaribane, et n’oubliez pas notre expédition safari chaque fevrier ou mars, selon Burda. Je suppose c’est la petite pause pour réflexion avant le mariage obligatoire à venir (ou l'echappe belle?)